Working just 10-15 hours a week

Earn high commission from high quality products

Help others to change their lives!

Ask yourself this...

  • Are you tired of the effort you put in at work not equating to the reward you receive?
  • Are you living paycheck to paycheck?
  • Is there a limit to how much the income from your 9-5 can grow?
  • Do you sit at work each day, wishing for the weekend to start?
  • Do you get the 'Sunday Scaries' and dread going to work each morning?
  • Are you working alongside people who drain your energy - rather than help you to grow and develop?

This does not have to be your reality!

You get one life on this planet, and it's absolutely ok to want to do MORE with that.

If you continue in the same direction for another year, are you moving closer to or further from your dream lifestyle?


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About Me

Hi! I’m Kayleigh.

I am a dog mum to two cockapoos, Frankie and Lola, living in Eastbourne. I started this business because, after holidaying in Australia, I realised that I didn’t want my current life to be the one I am stuck with until I retire at 67 (if it is still 67 by then!). I want to explore the world with my dogs and partner. I want to be able live my life as I want to.

I didn’t want to only be allowed 28 days holiday every year. I didn’t want to rely on someone else giving me money monthly. I didn’t want someone else to tell me how to live my life!

So, when this business opportunity arose, I grabbed it with both hands. The idea of being able to travel wherever and whenever I want and still be earning enough without having to be employed by someone else, was something I couldn’t let pass me by. I am working towards building a sustainable income from my business so that I can take my furry family over to Australia (and the rest of the world!) and travel together, exploring new places every day.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to make my dreams a reality as well as helping others along to achieving their dream lives too! What does your dream life look like? I am excited to find out!